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Dspam. Dspam like your life depends on it.

Rule number on in Eve: Don’t fuck up. Unfortunately I tend to violate this rule on a daily basis and pay dearly for it.

This time I was too greedy and impatient. I had found a C13 Wolf Rayet and since I don’t have the skills to farm this one (like http://www.invadingyourhole.blogspot.com did) I decided to do the next logical thing: Run the relic sites and try to sell the access. On day 3 a broker contacted me, she had found a buyer who was willing to pay 400m ISK.

Here is where I did my first mistake. I got her mail in the morning on my way out. I should have left and taken my time to plan. Instead I jumped on the chance like a retard and logged in. We talked, negotiated and I eagerly started scanning for an entry. When I find the first wormhole I don’t even bother to scan for more, I head  directly to it.

Here is where I made my second mistake. I warp to 0. Not to 100, to 50 or anything. Fucking 0. Not that I learned anything from my encounter with the Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir.

And my greatest, final mistake: No Dscan. Halfway through the jump my sleepy brain decides that maybe I should dscan. And there they are: Three Confessors waiting at the wormhole. Something I could have avoided had I dscanned BEFORE entering warp. They instantly web me down and I am dead.

The deal is off. I apologize and we are all having a laugh. Later the guy who killed me contacted me and apologized, apparently they had been waiting for somebody completely different. He even paid for my ship. I should have deserved some mocking. Maybe I’ll remember next time to dspam like my life depends on it. Because in Eve it does.


Hi, I am cluelessineve and I play like a retard

To say it with the word of Forrest Gump: “I’m not a smart man.”

The wormhole was a C3, no effects and from what I could see, abandoned. Eve Eye and wh.pasta told me that it had been a while since there had been a kill in here. My scanning probes revealed 2 relic and 2 data sites and within 45 min I had 140m of loot in my ship. With a stupid grin on my face I started making plans: I could farm this wh for a while, squat in here and wait for more relic sites to spawn. Once things got boring I could sell this Wh for billions….millions on wormholesales.com! I could be filthy rich! Bathing in virtual money!

After finishing the last can I needed to calm down a bit so I decided to fly to my safe spot. Instead I flew to a gas site, called Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir. In hindsight and after lots of google-fu I learned that any other gas site would have probably been fine. Usually Sleepers spawn 15 to 20 min after you approach a gas site. The only exception: Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir. I was dead within seconds. The sentries don’t treat visitors kindly.

I woke up in my home station. Very confused. Without loot, without a wormhole to farm and sale. What I learned: Google before you fly. Always.