Back into the wormhole

After a bit more than a week I have come to the conclusion that currently, trading might be not for me. Not that I wasn’t successful: My main character managed to double his income during that time while the Alt was a bit slower but that didn’t surprise me considering that he had much less money to begin with. But: I just didn’t enjoy it. I got annoyed at the 0.01 ISK game my competition liked to play. And I got annoyed at myself for still taking part in it. I would stare at endless rows of price information and think about the best ways to mine the data until I realized that I exchanged one job for another. I spend most of my time looking at numbers and big data sets in real life and I picked up Eve because I needed something else to clear my mind.

Luckily my IRL time commitments have eased up a bit, allowing me to go back into light exploring. As a result I started selling most of my items for prices far below average (while still making a profit) while not stocking up on items that sold well. I might return to trading one day but right now it is the last thing I want to think about. Some of the items I keep for myself; while I am not at a skill level where I could use them it never hurts to plan for the future.

I found a small system with little traffic and lots of wormholes to jump into. In addition I started practicing on the countless combat sites (pirate fractions) which made me realize how badly I suck fighting. If I want to clear sleeper sites one day I should train a bit more. Right now I am working on Archeology V (12 more days to go!). After that my skill cue will be open for some fighting related skills.

One question remains: What to do with the Trading Alt I started? I have no real desire to continue with him. I was thinking about training all trading skills to V and then sell him. But in order to get skills such as Wholesale to that level I will need more time, meaning I might have to Plex him at least once. On the other hand I started that Alt on a separate account, meaning I could just send the buyer login and password instead of having to pay the 20 USD transfer charge. Of course I would have to convince any potential buyer to trust me enough for that. But I will cross that bridge once I get there. Until then: Exploring!


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