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Dspam. Dspam like your life depends on it.

Rule number on in Eve: Don’t fuck up. Unfortunately I tend to violate this rule on a daily basis and pay dearly for it.

This time I was too greedy and impatient. I had found a C13 Wolf Rayet and since I don’t have the skills to farm this one (like did) I decided to do the next logical thing: Run the relic sites and try to sell the access. On day 3 a broker contacted me, she had found a buyer who was willing to pay 400m ISK.

Here is where I did my first mistake. I got her mail in the morning on my way out. I should have left and taken my time to plan. Instead I jumped on the chance like a retard and logged in. We talked, negotiated and I eagerly started scanning for an entry. When I find the first wormhole I don’t even bother to scan for more, I head  directly to it.

Here is where I made my second mistake. I warp to 0. Not to 100, to 50 or anything. Fucking 0. Not that I learned anything from my encounter with the Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir.

And my greatest, final mistake: No Dscan. Halfway through the jump my sleepy brain decides that maybe I should dscan. And there they are: Three Confessors waiting at the wormhole. Something I could have avoided had I dscanned BEFORE entering warp. They instantly web me down and I am dead.

The deal is off. I apologize and we are all having a laugh. Later the guy who killed me contacted me and apologized, apparently they had been waiting for somebody completely different. He even paid for my ship. I should have deserved some mocking. Maybe I’ll remember next time to dspam like my life depends on it. Because in Eve it does.


Hi, I am cluelessineve and I play like a retard

To say it with the word of Forrest Gump: “I’m not a smart man.”

The wormhole was a C3, no effects and from what I could see, abandoned. Eve Eye and wh.pasta told me that it had been a while since there had been a kill in here. My scanning probes revealed 2 relic and 2 data sites and within 45 min I had 140m of loot in my ship. With a stupid grin on my face I started making plans: I could farm this wh for a while, squat in here and wait for more relic sites to spawn. Once things got boring I could sell this Wh for billions….millions on! I could be filthy rich! Bathing in virtual money!

After finishing the last can I needed to calm down a bit so I decided to fly to my safe spot. Instead I flew to a gas site, called Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir. In hindsight and after lots of google-fu I learned that any other gas site would have probably been fine. Usually Sleepers spawn 15 to 20 min after you approach a gas site. The only exception: Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir. I was dead within seconds. The sentries don’t treat visitors kindly.

I woke up in my home station. Very confused. Without loot, without a wormhole to farm and sale. What I learned: Google before you fly. Always.

Back into the wormhole

After a bit more than a week I have come to the conclusion that currently, trading might be not for me. Not that I wasn’t successful: My main character managed to double his income during that time while the Alt was a bit slower but that didn’t surprise me considering that he had much less money to begin with. But: I just didn’t enjoy it. I got annoyed at the 0.01 ISK game my competition liked to play. And I got annoyed at myself for still taking part in it. I would stare at endless rows of price information and think about the best ways to mine the data until I realized that I exchanged one job for another. I spend most of my time looking at numbers and big data sets in real life and I picked up Eve because I needed something else to clear my mind.

Luckily my IRL time commitments have eased up a bit, allowing me to go back into light exploring. As a result I started selling most of my items for prices far below average (while still making a profit) while not stocking up on items that sold well. I might return to trading one day but right now it is the last thing I want to think about. Some of the items I keep for myself; while I am not at a skill level where I could use them it never hurts to plan for the future.

I found a small system with little traffic and lots of wormholes to jump into. In addition I started practicing on the countless combat sites (pirate fractions) which made me realize how badly I suck fighting. If I want to clear sleeper sites one day I should train a bit more. Right now I am working on Archeology V (12 more days to go!). After that my skill cue will be open for some fighting related skills.

One question remains: What to do with the Trading Alt I started? I have no real desire to continue with him. I was thinking about training all trading skills to V and then sell him. But in order to get skills such as Wholesale to that level I will need more time, meaning I might have to Plex him at least once. On the other hand I started that Alt on a separate account, meaning I could just send the buyer login and password instead of having to pay the 20 USD transfer charge. Of course I would have to convince any potential buyer to trust me enough for that. But I will cross that bridge once I get there. Until then: Exploring!

Side tracked

Work and family life intervened with my plans to become a super explorer roaming through Eve. From the way things look I might get about 1h of game time every few days. This is sad since recently things started to look brighter: I haven’t died in days and had some great finds in w-space and 0.0.

After realizing that I wouldn’t be able to go like this for a while I remembered that a while ago I bought an Eve Core Package on Amazon for 5 USD (I think it was during Cyber Monday). So I activated that account and started to train it to become a (station?) trader. After a small donation from my Explorer (7m ISK) I tested out the waters. Since I am a “learning by doing”-person reading about the ins and outs will only bring me so far. I need to fail hard for a few times in order to understand.

So far things look ok-ish. Within two days and a medium amount of work I managed to double the initial investment. Mainly I was region trading, figuring out buy and sell orders as well as contracts. My investments were widespread and rarely exceeded the 400.000 ISK mark. But I think at this point I will start looking for a home station and go at it more seriously. My goal is to trade slow moving items with a high price/high return of investment. From what I read so far I will have to stick to region trading in the beginning but the routes I have looked into so far seem pretty safe and I will use the autopilot as much as possible (you have to be pretty bored to gank a lowly player like me but then again people have done weirder things just because).

My goal for the first month is to roughly reach the 100 mil ISK mark with little play time. If that works I will plex the account for a month and aim higher. Meanwhile my explorer will spend his time mostly training. Exploring wormholes is too time costly and I tend to lose track of time while doing it (“Oh…is that the sun rising?”). Let’s see how this goes.